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Our yard is full of hardwood...

Another delivery of Hardwood from one of the large estates in Cornwall.

Another Delivery of Hardwood to be split and kiln dried.

Another beautiful Delivery of Oak, Ash, Beech and Cherry.

Natural Flamers

Burning Natural Flamers

Starting A Hardwood Fire

Establishing your fire with Kindling & Softwood.

Guide to building our Log Stores

A quick and simple guide to erecting our new log stores.

Our Deutz Tractor

Moving logs to be manually split by chainsaw.

Burning Logan's Hardwood Heatlogs

Getting Heat from your stove quickly.

Ash Delivery from one of the largest Estates in Cornwall

Another great delivery of Ash from one of the largest estates in Cornwall.

Large Oak Delivery

Another delivery of Oak from a large estate in Cornwall.

Logans Biggest Kiln Dried Hardwood Order To Date!!

28 Tonnes of Kiln dried Hardwood being loaded for delivery.

How To Fit A Propane Regulator - Calor Gas

Fitting a Propane Regulator to a Propane Tank can be a fiddly task.

How To: Connect a Gas Bottle to a Portable Heater and Turn On

Portable gas heaters are a fantastic way to lend a helping hand to heating your home.

How to: Connect your Gas Patio Heater - Calor Gas

Bring your garden to life and enjoy the comforting warmth all year round with our wide range of Patio heaters.

How To: Disconnect Your Gas BBQ - Calor Gas

Here at Calor have prepared this quick How To Disconnect Tutorial video for all you budding grill pro’s.