Burning Wet Wood

New Government Plans to Tackle Pollution

There has been a lot of talk about air pollution in the news recently. The government has stated it’s plans to tackle air pollution in rural areas. Focused on Wood Burning stoves and open fires, the plans are hoping to tackle the growing pollution from particulates by the year 2025. It is stated that Wood […]

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How Does LPG – Propane Turn from Liquid to Gas?

LPG (Propane) Vaporisation Did you know that every time you turn on one of your gas appliances, the LPG in your gas bottles starts to boil? If you could see though the steel, you would also notice that it looks just like water boiling. The big difference is that it happens at -42°C or -44°F. […]

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Kelly Loading Logs onto the Splitter

Training Day…

It’s training day at Logan’s. Our very own Kelly was being instructed to load our Hardwood onto the splitter yesterday, much to the envy of the office staff.

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Brakenburn Delivery

What a day we have had

This is the lorry unloading 20 tons of the new Bracken-Burn we have in stock. This contains Part Bracken, Part Sawdust to ensure a better burning product. This has been tested in the office in our log burner and it was fantastic. It caught within 60 seconds with a well lit fire and the air […]

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Quality Firewood

We often get asked what is the best quality wood to burn. There are many types available and with a multitude of wood burner appliances now available for your home, it’s an important decision. Quality Firewood. When we talk about quality, your main concern is all about the moisture content of the logs. Basically, the […]

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The evenings are drawing in…

The evenings are drawing in and winter is on its way… It’s that time of year again and the weather is starting to turn cold. Take advantage of all of our fabulous deals deigned to offer great value for money and keep you warm this winter.

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Sawdust Available

Sawdust available free of charge

We have Sawdust Available – Free of Charge to anyone wanting to pick it up at our yard in Wadebridge. Bring your own bags and we will gladly fill them for you and drop them into your van or trailer. Suitable for Horses, Pigs, Chickens etc etc. Call: 01208816827 to arrange pickup.

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Come hell or high water

At Logan’s we will go above and beyond to get your order delivered on time. We have been receiving plenty of flood water in the area over the last couple of days. Fortunately, our drivers are very knowledgeable about the Cornish roads and are usually able to find alternate routes to your area if necessary. […]

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Where are Logan’s Today…

We are constantly sending our drivers out to wonderful picturesque places around Cornwall. Can anyone guess where this is?? Like and share our facebook page and email us your answer, name and address to lucy@loganslogs.co.uk to be in with a chance of winning 5 Nets of Kiln Dried ash. – Winner will be picked at […]

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Why use house coal

Bituminous House Coal is the soft, dense Black fuel that has a moisture level around 20% and used for a variety of applications including electricity generation and heating. Historically It has been the choice fuel due to its high heat output and excellent flame. House coal usually comes in an unmanufactured state unlike smokeless fuels […]

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