Bulkhead Regulators

We now have a range of fixed Bulkhead Regulators for caravans and motor homes available. All with FREE DELIVERY in Cornwall.

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Bulkhead Regulators

The Truma Bulkhead Regulator is designed for the mobile home. If you want to be able to heat your mobile home whilst driving, the Truma regulator has some advanced safety features including a crash sensor which will detect a collision speed up to 20 km/h. The Truma regulator will stop the flow of gas straight away.

If your gas sensor is triggered, resetting is easy with the green button on the side.

The regulators can be installed horizontal or vertically making them handy if your short on space.

This regulator can output up to 1.5 kg/h, comes with a M20 male thread and either 8mm or 10mm output.