Kiln Dried Birch (Hardwood) 10 Inch

Kiln Dried Birch is the finest, Premium Quality Hardwood. Available in Nets, Boot Bags, Barrow Bags, Bulk Bags Loose Loads and Crates. All with FREE DELIVERY in Cornwall.

Kiln Dried Birch Logs burn slightly quicker than other Hardwood Logs but nevertheless provide a great heat output, lively flames and a very pleasing smell. They are a fantastic way of warming your home quickly, ideal for cold evenings and weekends. The bark from Kiln Dried Birch is also a great fire starter.

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Kiln Dried Birch Hardwood Information

Our Kiln Dried Birch Hardwood is available in Loose Loads, Crates, 1 Cubic Metre Bags, Builders type Bulk (Dumpy) Bags, Barrow Bags, Boot Bags and Nets.

Delivery Information

All our products come with FREE DELIVERY in Cornwall.

If you are ordering outside of Cornwall, please call 01208 816 827 for the latest delivery charges.

For heavy and bulky items, please ensure you have flat, level ground, so that our delivery driver can drop your order safely.

Unfortunately, our pump trucks are not able to deliver over Stones, Gravel, Soil, Soft or uneven Ground. Please be aware that we cannot deliver heavy or bulky items where your property is on a steep gradient.

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