Kiln Dried Oak Hardwood Logs

Kiln Dried Oak Hardwood Logs contains the finest, Premium Quality Hardwood and is available in Nets. All with FREE DELIVERY in Cornwall.

Kiln Dried Oak is considered to be one of the best hardwood logs for burning and is very sought after.

Oak is slightly harder to light compared to the other hardwoods, however, once lit, it gives off a great heat for a longer period of time. The smell of the burning wood is superb, it burns for much longer than other hardwood even when only the embers are left, and is highly recommended.

It also great for smoking meats and fish on the BBQ, Fire Pit or Outdoor Oven.

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Kiln Dried Oak Hardwood Logs

Our Kiln Dried Oak logs are the finest, Premium Quality Hardwood. Oak is generally regarded as a superior wood to burn and is one of our most popular product.

This makes these superb logs one of our most popular products.

All our Kiln Dried Oak Logs are harvested and go through a careful drying process in our on-site kilns. This ensures that your logs are in first class condition when they leave our yard in Wadebridge, Cornwall. All our Kiln Dried Oak hardwood have a moisture content below 20% to ensure you get a first-class consistent burn.

Why Burn Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs?

Burning our Kiln Dried Logs will give you the maximum heat output per log, making them more cost effective over Seasoned or Part Seasoned alternatives. Burning Kiln Dried Logs also keeps your wood burner glass and flue clear of any tar residue and nasty deposits. It will certainly help to prolong the life of your wood burner or appliance and will save you money on chimney sweeping fees.

Delivery Information

All our products come with FREE DELIVERY in Cornwall.

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