Part Seasoned Firewood

Part Seasoned Firewood is available in Cornish Hardwood and Softwood. We can deliver in Nets, Boot Bags, Barrow Bags, Bulk Bags and Loose Loads. Seasoning your own logs is a fantastic way to save money. All with FREE DELIVERY in Cornwall.

Seasoning your Firewood

Your Logs should be as dry as possible before you start burning them, we advise a moisture content below 20%, otherwise you are using your fire to heat the wood up and evaporate the moisture in the wood. This produces less heat and causing condensates within the chimney. Condensates are the cause of chimney fires.

Seasoning Firewood can take from 4 months up to a year depending on how it is stored.

When seasoning your wood, you should ensure that it is protected from direct rainfall and should ideally be on a dry base. You should ensure that there is good air flow so that the wind can get to the wood and allow it to dry out. Sunlight also increases the speed of seasoning, wood stored in the shade will dry but its a longer process.