Kiln Dried ‘Pizza’ Ash Hardwood Logs

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Our Kiln Dried Pizza Ash Hardwood in Nets contain the finest, Premium Quality Hardwood. Ideal for Pizza Ovens and other cooking appliances.

Kiln Dried Pizza Ash Hardwood Logs
  • Available in: 10 Inch
  • Premium Quality Kiln Dried Pizza Ash Hardwood
  • Split to a smaller diameter
  • Reaches cooking temperature quicker than regular Ash logs
  • Ready to Burn
  • Average Moisture Content Below 10%
  • Long Lasting Burn
  • High Heat Output

Currently available: 10 Inch



Kiln Dried Pizza Ash Hardwood Logs

Our kiln dried pizza Ash is cut from the finest Ash trees, it’s hand split into smaller pieces and dried to a moisture content in single figures, it lights so easily and get’s your pizza/bread oven up to temperature within a couple of minutes, thus not wasting time, wood nor money.
The smell and flavor of our Pizza Ash wood before and whilst burning is superb, if cooking indoors the smell throughout the restaurant is tantalising.
We suggest using 1 or so of our kiln dried Oak logs once your oven is alight it’s slower burning and will keep the oven at temperature for longer, once this burns down your can boost the oven by adding a few bits of our pizza Ash.
Once your oven has finished for the day the ash can be put straight onto your garden, superb Potash will give your garden a boost

1 review for Kiln Dried ‘Pizza’ Ash Hardwood Logs

  1. Phil (verified owner)

    This logs are perfect if you have a pizza oven as they allow you to get to temperature quickly. It’s like working with kindling … easy to mange. We also use them on our open fire indoors on those days where you want a quick fire for an hour or two, rather than a full evening roaring away. Great logs, great service.

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Product Specification

Wood Species:


Wood Type:


Average Moisture Content:

Below 10%

Average Product Weight:


Log Lengths:

10 inch / 250mm

Heat Output:


Flame Effect:

Ease Of Use:

For Use On:

Pizza Oven, BBQ's, Fire Pits, Outdoor Oven

Hetas Approved:


Smokeless Zone:


Ready to Burn: