Kiln Dried Cornish Hardwood
Loose Load

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Our Kiln Dried Hardwood Loose Load contain the finest, Premium Quality Hardwood.

This product is only available for delivery in Cornwall.
Please Note: 1 Cubic Metre Loose does not equate to 1 Cubic Metre Stacked.

  • Available in: 10 Inch
  • Premium Quality Kiln Dried Hardwood
  • Ready to Burn
  • Average Moisture Content Below 20%
  • Long Lasting Burn
  • High Heat Output
  • Includes a mix of Ash, Beech, Southern Beech, Cherry & Oak

Currently available: 10 Inch



Our Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs contain the finest, Premium Quality Hardwood.

All our Kiln Dried Wood is grown, harvested and goes through a careful drying process in our on-site kilns. This ensures that your logs are in first class condition when they leave our yard in Wadebridge, Cornwall. All our Kiln dried wood have a moisture content below 20%.

Why Burn Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs?

Burning our Kiln Dried Logs will give you the maximum heat output per log, making them more cost effective over Seasoned or Part Seasoned alternatives. Burning Kiln Dried Logs also keeps your wood burner glass and flue clear of any tar residue and nasty deposits. It will certainly help to prolong the life of your wood burner or appliance and will save you money on chimney sweeping fees.

Why Buy Kiln Dried Hardwood in Loose Load?

Many of our customers find buying their wood in loose Loads more convenient than buying in Bulk Bags or Boot Bags.

Why do we sell in Cubic Metres instead on Tons?

Lower moisture contents mean that your logs weigh less and burn better. So we take a lot of care to ensure that your kiln dried logs have a moisture content below 20%. They therefore weigh a lot less than the same volume of part seasoned logs. All in all, buying in volume will work out a lot cheaper and you will receive more logs than buying in weight.

Loose Load Delivery information

Our drivers can drop your delivery in a convenient place for you providing it’s on flat ground and your property is accessible for our lorry. If your unsure about access to your property, please call us on 01208 816827 or refer to our delivery section within our Terms & Conditions.

1 review for Kiln Dried Cornish Hardwood
Loose Load

  1. Mj Hudson

    The best wood i have ever tried, for it to come from Cornwall is even better, keep up the good work Logan’s Logs™.

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Product Specification

Wood Species:

Ash, Beech, Southern Beech,
Cherry & Oak

Wood Type:


Average Moisture Content:

Below 20%

Average Product Weight:


Log Lengths:

10 Inch / 250 mm

Heat Output:


Flame Effect:

Ease Of Use:

For Use On:

Multi Fuel Stoves, Open Fires, Pizza Oven, BBQ's, Fire Pits, Outdoor Oven

Hetas Approved:


Smokeless Zone:


Ready to Burn: