Which flue liner should I choose?

Choosing a Flue liner is just as important as choosing your wood burner or multi-fuel stove. You have a couple of choices depending on the grade of steel you would like installed on your property. 904 and 316 refers to the grade of steel used and the quality of the product you will get.

316 Grade Steel is aimed at the budget / light user and those who are planning to burn only kiln dried wood.

904 Grade Steel is the highest grade available. This grade is aimed at the heavy user and those looking to burn Smokeless Fuel and House Coal.

Mid-range flues commonly use a 904 grade steel inner with a 316 grade outer skin to act as a barrier from rust.

Flue Liners


When is it important to choose a 904 grade liner?

It’s important to remember that Flue Liners do not last forever but you should always go for the highest quality possible. Cheap liners are easily eaten away on the inside from corrosive gases and will need replacing a lot quicker.

Choose the 904 grades if you are installing a boiler stove or if you allow your stove to burn through the night.


Cheap Liners.

Cheap liners are generally in the under £15 per metre range and can disintegrate within a year or two of use. They are generally sold through eBay or other ‘Cheap and Cheerful’ sites. They also commonly come with little or no guarantee and with no accreditation.


Flue Liner Guarantees.

Liner Guarantees differ depending on the manufacturer. Generally, liners with a 904 core get a longer guarantee than those with a 316 core. (25 years as opposed to 15 years).

If your still in doubt, go for a 904. The price difference of a good quality branded Liner is not that far apart from the 316 and it should last you for 30 years plus if you burn the correct fuels.