About Us

Logan’s Logs is a Cornish, family owned business trading from our premises in Wadebridge, Cornwall, we supply the finest kiln dried and seasoned firewood logs in either softwood or hardwood, we are also coal merchants, keeping many tonnes of premium coal and smokeless fuels in stock at any one time, Logan’s are also the second largest independent Calor bottled gas distributor in Cornwall.

We pride ourselves on being the perfect place to shop for all your log, coal and gas requirements, it makes your life so much easier shopping at one place for all your fuel needs, then of course, delivered to you at home or work Free of charge.

Our firewood Logs are available in convenient sized nets making it easy for you to carry, it makes stacking and moving them so easy, our firewood logs are also available in wooden crates, each crate is hand packed to ensure you get lots of logs for your money, or, if you prefer the more traditional way you can have your firewood delivered in loose loads, this way will work out more economical for you as long as you like stacking logs, we do offer a stacking service, if you would like to know the cost of this please call our customer service team on 01208 816827 they will be happy to assist you.

New!! We now offer firewood in Bulk, Barrow or Boot Bags, buying in these reusable bags really helps the environment, when you have used you logs, simply bring back the bags and we will refill them for you, then, if needed w will deliver them back to you.

Our range of coal and smokeless fuels are available for fast delivery to your door, this comes to you in convenient 20kg or 25kg plastic bags, which can be opened and put away in your coal bunker if required, this service is available free of charge.

Our service and attention to detail is the best available, we pride ourselves in the service we offer, Logan’s Logs have been awarded the Made in Cornwall accreditation, all our softwood and most of our hardwood firewood logs are grown, harvested, processed, split into logs then netted, then kiln dried in Cornwall, so buying from us helps Cornwall by employing local people.

We are also Trading Standards approved, service from Logan’s Logs is guaranteed to be the best available.